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The 3 Rules Successful Investors Always Follow

Most successful investors do things a little different than the average investor.  These little things can be the difference in never having huge losses or losing 30-40% every time the market has a major correction which happens every 6 years on average.  The first rule is successful investors have a plan when the market goes … Continue reading

You Earned It! How Do You Protect It?

Most investors invest in the market and hope that it will grow over time and when they need the money it will be there for them. But we all know that the market does two things, it goes up and down. The problem is we don’t really know when it will do either one and … Continue reading

Guessing and Hoping Is Not An Investment Strategy

The market has been choppy in recent weeks. And the volatility has caused some investors to bail and go to the sidelines. They are almost certainly making a mistake. To time the market correctly, you have to make not one great call but two. And the consequences of getting either wrong can dramatically hurt. Let’s say … Continue reading

Protect Profits With Downside Protections

Sarasota Wealth Advisory acknowledges the fact that without some form of downside protection, it is highly improbable that an investor will remain emotionally disciplined. For this reason our investment accounts are with Retirement Wealth Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor firm that uses proprietary portfolios called FormulaFolios.  Each of the portfolios is enabled with a built-in … Continue reading